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£100 Deposit required if you are booking for first time

1) Bronze ß ► £250

2) Bronze Â ► £400

3) Silver ß ► £650

4) Silver Â ► £900

5) Gold ß ► £1200

6) Gold Â ► £1500

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Chiswick, London

Documentary: Fight Me

Madame Swetchine (1782-1857)

Let our lives be pure as Snow-fields, where our footsteps leave a mark, but not a stain. 

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Our Services & Prices

    Welcome to my website 

I will be grateful to assist you in a professional manner in 3 fair packages:

  Bronze (from £250 to £400): Suitable for your Birthday Party, Event, Private Ceremony, etc. It does include 2 cameras filming + Editing with Apple iMovie editor for £250 or Editing with Apple Final Cut Pro X for £400. In 30 minutes on your chosen method of receiving the finished product+ All your unedited films (optional).

  Silver (from £650 to £900): Suitable for your Semi-Formal Event, Wedding, Pub-Garden Party, etc. it does include 3 cameras filming+ Editing with Apple Final Cut Pro X for £650 or plus Photography for £900. In 60 minutes on your chosen method of receiving the finished product + All your unedited films (optional).

 Gold (from £1200 to £1500): Suitable for your Official Ceremony, Business or Organisation Opening day, Live & Recorded Conference-Meeting, etc. It does include 4 cameras filming (3 on ground + 1 Aerial filming with drone + Professional Photography + Editing with Apple Final Cut Pro X for £1200 or with live Aerial coverage on a Twitter or YouTube account + Editing with more advanced edit equipment through my skilled editors for £1500. In 90 minutes on your chosen method of receiving the finished product + All your unedited films (optional)

the finished product can come on a DVD, CD or Memory Card, there is an extra cost depending on volume for your unedited films!


 Also I may be able to assist you in bigger movie projects which are in a lower budget process such as private Documentary or House Movie, etc. I am in coordination with a professional team of movie makers and editors based outside the UK, therefore I am able to provide my services on a fair-trade price and in high standard production.

Please note:

Further Assistance

I am in cooperation with some skilled Filmmakers, Producers, Editors & Musicians that are operating from Iran. Therefore through currency difference, I am able to lower the costs of your professional Movie or Documentary film project. Please don't hesitate to drop me a line for more information and communication. 


Persian's Art & Cinema; The demand for contemporary art of Middle East specifically Iran is rising according to Christie's (at Link)  & BBC (at Link). Persian Artists specifically Filmmakers use the language and terms of Art to communicate globally and establish their version of Art transnationally, a Persian rug with over 2000 years culture behind it, would be a good example of quality & design presented in form of Art (at Link). A Comprehensive Documentary about Persia's yesterday and today by Rick Steves (at Link).

With two Oscar trophies in best foreign language movies in 2012 («A Separation»/film/the Guardian at Link) and in 2017 («Salesman»/film/ the guardian at Link ), Persian cinema has won them all trophies in every single film Festival (Cinema of Iran (at Link). Also a fair short documentary from inside the industry (Inside of Iranian Cinema/ (at Link) by: (Shane Smith (at Link)